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International Sales

Our two main programs, BassBox Pro and X•over Pro, can be purchased separately or in a cost-saving "pro bundle". Please use the appropriate "Buy Now" button in the sidebar at right to make a purchase. All amounts are in U.S. dollars. Please contact us at if you desire a "bundle" not shown here or if you desire a different shipping method. Please use our U.S. Sales page if your shipping address is within the U.S.
Important: All prices are in U.S. dollars and do not include taxes or import duties levied by the destination country. Some countries levy high taxes and/or duties on American products. Please contact your government's Customs Department to determine what those taxes and/or duties are before you place an order. These expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.
BassBox 6 Pro, X•over 3 Pro, BassBox 6 Lite and the HT Typeface Collection are only distributed on CD. They are not available as a download. If your computer does not have a compatible CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive, you will need to temporarily add an external one via a USB port in order to install these programs.
Note: 10% of all profits through Harris Tech Direct are given to Life Outreach International.

The following shipping amounts are for flat-rate Int'l Priority Mail via the United States Postal Service (USPS). The estimated ship time is 7 to 14 business days (1-2 weeks). But this estimate does not include possible delays through the Customs Department of your country. For faster delivery, during checkout you can choose flat-rate Int'l Express Mail with an estimated 3-5 business day transit time. Again, this does not include possible delays through your Customs Department. Shipping insurance is included for both services whenever it is available.

  • Pro Bundle:  BassBox Pro and X•over Pro 
    US$ 239.00 plus $41.00 for shipping. Total = US$ 280.00.
    Includes an installation CD with both BassBox Pro and X•over Pro. Also includes a printed 364-page BassBox Pro User Manual and 243-page X•over Pro User Manual.
  • BassBox Pro:  US$ 149.00 plus $41.00 for shipping. Total = US$ 190.00.
    Includes a BassBox Pro installation CD and printed 364-page User Manual.
  • X•over Pro:  US$ 119.00 plus $41.00 for shipping. Total = US$ 160.00.
    Includes an X•over Pro installation CD and printed 243-page User Manual.
  • BassBox Lite:  US$ 79.00 plus $41.00 for shipping. Total = US$ 120.00.
    Includes a BassBox Lite installation CD with on-screen User Manual.
  • HT Typeface Collection:  US$ 39.00 plus $41.00 for shipping. Total = US$ 80.00.
    Includes the HT Audio Stuff, HT Speakers, HT Microphones and HT Schematic fonts.

Important notice for international customers: The shipping documents will accurately describe the contents of all packages and the prices paid.


Shipping documents:
All documents will accurately describe the contents and prices.
Duties & taxes:
Our prices do not include import duties or taxes. Customers must pay duties/taxes.
Address verfication:
A shipping address confirmation email will be sent to you. Please respond promptly by email to avoid delays. Failure to verify the shipping address in a timely manner may result in order cancellation & refund.

Pro Bundle  
BassBox 6 Pro  
X•over 3 Pro  
Total: US$ 280.00

BassBox 6 Pro  
Total: US$ 190.00

X•over 3 Pro  
Total: US$ 160.00

BassBox 6 Lite  
Total: US$ 120.00 

Typeface Collection  
Total: US$ 80.00 

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