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Technical Note 02
How to Manually Start the BassBox 6 Pro Setup Program

Sometimes the setup program on the BassBox Pro CD-R disc may not auto-start. This could be because the "autorun" feature of the DVD/CD drive of the computer is turned off. It is easy to start the setup program manually. Here are a couple of methods:

Method 1: Manually Start "Autorun"

  1. Insert the BassBox 6 Pro installation disc into the DVD/CD drive of your computer.
  2. Launch "My Computer" or the "Windows Explorer" and navigate to the icon representing your DVD/CD drive where you inserted the installation disc.
  3. Right-click on the drive icon and select "AutoPlay" from the pop-up menu. This should start the setup program on the disc. Note: If the "AutoPlay" command is missing, then proceed to "Method 2" below.

Method 2: Manually Start the "Setup" Program on the Disc

  1. Select the "Run" command in the Windows "Start" menu. The "Run" dialog shown below will appear:
    Enter the appropriate command in the Open input box of the Run dialog.

  2. If the installation disc contains only BassBox 6 Pro, enter the drive letter of your DVD/CD drive followed by ":\setup-b\setup.exe" in the "Open" input box. Do not include the quotation marks. If the drive letter of your DVD/CD drive is "d" then the full text would be "d:\setup-b\setup.exe".
    If the installation disc contains both BassBox 6 Pro and X•over 3 Pro, enter the DVD/CD letter followed by ":\setup-z\setup.exe".
  3. Click the "OK" button of the "Run" dialog and the setup program on the disc should start.


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