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Technical Note 14
Causing the Driver Database to Open with a Selected Company

It is possible to cause the Driver Locator to open with a preselected manufacturer. This can be very helpful if you commonly load drivers from the same manufacturer.

To do this, select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu and open the "Preferences" window. On the "General" tab, find the "HTAudio Database Default Company" input box. Use the "Select" button beside it to select the desired company name from the "Select a Company" window that opens. Choose the company from the "Name" list at the top of the window. After closing the "Select a Company" window with the "Accept" button, the company name will be entered into the input box of the "Preferences" window. Finally, close the "Preferences" window with the "Accept" button.

The next time you open the Driver Locator to load a driver or edit the driver database, the default company will be preselected and the drivers for this company will be listed in the "Drivers Found" list.


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