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Technical Note 19
How to Restore the "Graph Properties" Palette

When a graph window is displayed in BassBox 6 Pro and X•over 3 Pro, it normally includes a "Graph Properties" palette beside it. This is a separate tool window that contains many graph settings that you can quickly change with a single click. If this palette no longer appears when you open a graph then do the following to restore it:

  1. Right-click in the middle of an open graph window to open the graph's pop-up window.
  2. Select the "Properties" command at the end of the graph pop-up menu to open the "Graph Properties" palette.

What causes the "Graph Properties" palette to disappear? The answer is very simple: Each time that the graphs are closed, the program remembers whether or not the palette was also open. If the palette was open when you last closed the graphs, then it will be automatically opened with the graphs the next time.

The mistake occurs when the user closes the palette before closing the graphs. This should only be done if you don't want to use the palette any more. If you normally want to use the palette then never close it manually. Let the program close it for you when you close the graphs—it will be automatically closed when the last graph is closed.

Note: The "Graph Properties" palette isn't essential because virtually all of its settings are also available in the graph's pop-up menu.


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