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Technical Note 09
How to Calculate X•over 2.1 Style Crossover Networks with X•over 3 Pro

By default, the equations in X•over 3 Pro calculate the resistor, capacitor and inductor values of crossover networks and impedance equalization networks using the DC resistance (Re) of each driver because it often produces the best results. All previous versions of X•over used the nominal impedance (Z) of each driver for the crossover filter calculations. The reason this was found to produce lesser results is because the Z parameter is seldom precise and often misleads the designer as to the true impedance of a driver (which can vary considerably with frequency).

To force X•over 3 Pro to calculate similar crossover filter values as older versions, change the "Base calculations on" setting to "Driver Nominal Impedance (Z)". This setting is located on the "General" tab of the "Preferences" window.

Note: Basing the calculations on Z will also cause X•over Pro to produce similar results as "text book" calculations.


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