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Technical Note 10
Minimum Driver Parameters

X•over 3 Pro uses the Thiele-Small model for all drivers and it scales its capabilities to fit the amount of information you provide. To design a crossover network with X•over Pro the only driver parameters you need to enter are the DC resistance (Re) and nominal impedance (Z) of each driver. But if this is all you enter, then you won't be able to use some of the more advanced features. For example, more information is required to design impedance equalization networks and more information is required to enable plotting in the graphs. Here are the minimum driver parameters for a full design:

    Open Back Drivers:  Fs, Qms, Vas, Sd, Qes, Re, Le, Z, 2.8-V SPL, box parameters
    Sealed Back Drivers:  Fs, Qms, Qes, Re, Le, Z, 2.8-V SPL

If desired, Qts and BL can be entered in place of Qms and Qes. And Dia can be entered in place of Sd. And the efficiency (no) or 1-W SPL can be entered in place of the 2.8-V SPL. To switch one of these parameters, click on its label on the "Parameters" tab of the "Driver Properties" window as shown below. Notice in the example below that the balloon help identifies that you can "Click for Qts and BL" to let you know that this parameter can be switched. If the "Parameters" tab is set "expert" mode, all possible parameters will be visible all of the time.

Some of the minimum parameters can be changed by clicking on them.

The required box parameters will vary depending on the box type. If no box parameters are entered, X•over Pro will assume that each open back driver is mounted in an infinite baffle.

The default minimum parameters can be set in the "Default Normal Mode Settings" section of the "Driver" tab of the "Preferences" window.

Finally, please remember that the accuracy and completeness of the driver parameters will affect the capabilities and accuracy of X•over Pro.


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