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Technical Note 16
Why Can't I Locate Some Midrange Drivers in the Driver Database?

All drivers are organized into one of two groups in the driver database: "open back" drivers like woofers and "sealed back" drivers like tweeters. Midrange drivers include models in both groups yet the database Driver Locator can only show one group at a time. This requires you to properly configure the midrange driver before you look for a driver in the database.

The midrange driver is configured on the "Description" tab of the "Driver Properties" window. Use the "Midrange Type" setting to choose whether the midrange driver will be an "open back" type or a "sealed back" type. The two most common settings for the "Midrange Type" are: "Standard one-way open back driver" and "Standard one-way sealed back driver". You can change this setting while the database Driver Locator is open and you'll see it instantly switch driver groups.

If you don't find a desired midrange driver model in either group, then it probably isn't in the driver database. We rely primarily on manufacturer data for the database and some manufacturers do not provide T-S parameters for their midrange drivers—especially sealed-back ones. If the parameters are available, then please contact us via email at with the information and we'll be happy to add the driver in the next update of the database. If the information is not available, then you will need to measure the parameters yourself. The Woofer Tester 2 can help you measure the parameters of many midrange drivers (both open back and sealed back varieties).


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