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Technical Note 21
Windows 7 and Vista Compatibility

Windows Vista introduced a couple of changes that affected our software. The same situation applies to Windows 7. First, Windows 7 and Vista do not allow the "sendkey" function. Programs that use it to manage keyboard input will generate a fatal error that will cause them to crash. Older versions of our programs use this function to enable the user to press the "Enter" key to advance the program focus to the next input or control after a value or setting has been entered. There is a workaround: you can use the "Tab" key instead of the "Enter" key and older versions of our programs should not crash.

The second problem involves the on-screen manuals that were provided with older versions of our programs. They are "hlp"-style help files but Windows 7 and Vista do not support them because there is a security issue whereby an evildoer can launch a malicious program from a "hlp" document. So Windows 7 and Vista do not include a "hlp" reader. There is a workaround: you can download and install a Vista-compatible "hlp" reader from Microsoft but we do not recommend it because then you'll be vulnerable to "hlp" exploits.

Windows 7 and Vista-compatible updates
We are providing free maintenance updates of BassBox 6 Pro, BassBox 6 Lite, X•over 3 Pro and HT Merge to address both of these issues. They use a different keyboard handler that does not employ the "sendkey" function and we've rewritten our on-screen manuals as "html"-style help documents that are compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. Rewriting the manuals was an enormous task because of their size and extensive contents.

Here are the versions that are compatible with Windows 7 and Vista:


Installation Options under Windows 7 and Vista
We strongly recommend that you use the default settings when you install one of our programs under Windows 7 or Vista. This includes installing the programs to the same hard drive (or partition) where Windows, itself, is installed (usually the "C" drive). Some users have experienced trouble when installing to a separate drive or partition.

User Accounts under Windows 7 and Vista
A user account with "administrator" privileges should be used to install or update our programs. Plus, it is best to use the same user account to run the programs as was used to install them. You may have trouble if you install a program from one user account and then try to run it from another.

Installer compatibility
BassBox 6 Pro, X•over 3 Pro and BassBox 6 Lite use an industry-standard InstallShield installer. When you run one of their setup programs on their installation discs or you run one of their maintenance updates, you are running an InstallShield installer. So far, we haven't run into any compatibility issues with these installers under Windows 7 and Vista. Because we use an older version (in order to maintain backward compatibility with older versions of Windows), Windows 7 and Vista will display a warning message when you run it that says "An unidentified program wants access to your computer." All you have to do is click on the "Allow" button and the installer will run.

If you have a problem when you run one of our program installers or updaters—the problem is probably not with the installer, itself. The most common problem is a lack of sufficient privileges. You need "administrator" privileges to run them.

If you're running the installer from a disc and you have a problem, the problem may be with the disc, itself. It should be checked with a different computer. If it still won't work then you will need to order a replacement disc from our Sales Department. (We manufacture our software on CD-R discs and they do not last as long as stamped CDs). If you're running an updater that you downloaded from our website and you have a problem, the problem may be with the file, itself. Sometimes a download will end before it should and you won't have the full file. Or one or more data packets may have been corrupted during download. In this case, check the size of the file to make sure that it matches the size listed on our website. You may need to download a fresh copy.

Another source of installation problems is over-zealous antivirus, antispyware and/or firewall software. If you are sure that your disc or download is okay, then restart Windows, disconnect from all networks including the internet and disable all antivirus, antispyware and firewall software. Then re-run the installer. Remember to re-enable your antivirus, antispyware and firewall software after the installation is finished and before you reconnect to your network or the internet.


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