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This is the home of BassBox, our famous speaker enclosure design program. We offer two versions: BassBox Pro and BassBox Lite. They help the speaker designer determine a good box volume and, if vented, how it should be tuned. This is controlled primarily by the desired bass response and both programs focus on that aspect of design. They do not model high-frequency or sealed-back drivers like tweeters. For that, we offer X•over Pro, our third program. It models two-way and three-way speakers to help you design a passive crossover network for them. It can import box designs from BassBox Pro and Lite and add to them the response of a midrange driver and tweeter to estimate the response of a full-range speaker.

Our speaker design programs require Thiele-Small parameters for each driver. Most driver manufacturers provide them and the "pro" versions of our software include a huge database with parameters for many thousands of drivers. Sadly, some companies fail to provide a full set of parameters and many allow considerable variation due to manufacturing tolerances. That's why we're pleased to list the Woofer Tester 2 by Smith & Larson Audio. It provides an affordable way to measure drivers—including woofers and many midrange drivers and tweeters.

Lastly, we offer two more tools: a collection of audio fonts and a utility to help preserve user changes to the driver database of our "pro" software. Please scroll down for more info...

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BassBox 6 Pro – A powerful speaker box design program with many professional features, including a design wizard and a huge driver database with the specs for thousands of drivers. Also includes a beautiful 364-page printed manual and an extensive on-screen manual with tutorials and sample designs.

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BassBox 6 Lite – A versatile speaker box design program that is "lite" enough for the hobbyists and casual users and "strong" enough for professional designers. Includes an extensive on-screen manual with tutorials and sample designs.

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X•over 3 Pro – An easy-to-use passive circuit design program for 2-way and 3-way crossover networks, low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filters, impedance EQ networks and L-pads. Includes a huge driver database like BassBox Pro and a beautiful 243-page printed manual and extensive on-screen manual.

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Woofer Tester 2 – An affordable solution for measuring accurate Thiele-Small parameters of speaker drivers. It includes both software and a test module with test leads and calibration resistor. The test module plugs into and is powered by the USB port of your computer. BassBox Pro and X•over Pro can import parameters from the Woofer Tester 2.

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HT Typeface Collection – Four sets of audio symbol fonts including the HT Speaker font, HT Microphone font, HT Schematic font and the HT "Audio Stuff" font. A wide variety of common symbols are provided in both the TrueType and Adobe Postscript formats.

HT Merge
HT Merge Utility – BassBox Pro and X•over Pro users can add, edit or delete drivers in the driver database. In order to prevent these changes from being lost when a database update is installed, we provide this free utility to merge user changes into a database update after the update is installed.


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driver database update Latest driver database update: 27-Feb-2020.

BassBox update Latest BassBox Pro maintenance release:
  6.0.23  27-Feb-2020.
Latest BassBox Lite maintenance release:
  6.0.11  27-Feb-2020.

X•over update Latest X•over Pro maintenance release:
  3.0.19  27-Feb-2020.

HT Merge update Latest HT Merge utility maintenance release:
  1.0.9  06-May-2007.

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